How cartoons can improve your email campaigns visually!

Here’s a cartoon I did a while ago for Gail Smirthwaite at GolfGuru.

Notice how it add visual content to the email and makes you want to read on to see what it’s all about!? Did you also notice it was probably the first thing you read when you say it?

golf cartoon for Golf Guru to be used in an email campaign. Women golfers return to golf club house

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10 ways caricatures can help you, your clients/customers and your company.

10 ways caricatures can help you, your clients/customers and your company.

1. They make YOU look good for choosing such a good personalised gift.

2. Golf day caricatures make great memorable gifts.

3. Leaving or retirement caricatures something to take away and remember you all by.

4. Motivational caricatures – Salesperson of the Year!  A job well done award!? Corporate gifts.

5. Caricatures of customers/buyers can be delivered and used as a way of getting a foot in the door.

6. Caricatures are a wonderful, highly effective and proven method of promotion for companies, organizations and industries.

7. Often clients want something ‘that little bit extra’, and this is where personalised caricatures fit in. Absolutely anything can be drawn!(With reason please!)

8. Caricatures can be branded with company logos and personalised with the persons name in captions, speech bubbles or titles – photographic gifts do not have a sufficiently high profile to keep the golf day in the forefront of the customer’s mind.

9. Can be presented  with a framed and presented during the evening meal/speeches.

10. Incorporating hobbies and interests make it even more personal.

* All caricatures are produced to accommodate you or your client’s requirements and framing can be arranged on request. Caricatures make great gifts for leaving presents, birthday presents and presentations.

* From executive leaving presents to birthdays and weddings. Available from a highly affordable range of options detailed on the order form.

* Caricatures are a unique and fun way to give the perfect gift that says you really cherish your customers, friends and family.

LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD! Where or how else could you be seen scoring the winning goal at Wembley or lifting the the F.A. Cup?

personalised caricature from photos for HSBC team caricature as a 50th birthday. Boss running on treadmill with rest of staff in the background


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Health and safety cartoon – Cutbacks could cost YOU thousands!

This cartoon was commissioned to highlight to companies that they shouldn’t overlook health and safety in the recession. It’s a spot-the-hazards type cartoon to engage the reader. How many hazards can you spot?

health and safety cartoon of a manager looking at a piece of paper that has cutbacks listed. There's all sorts of health and safety hazards in his office/

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Cartoon logos attract attention for your business!

Cartoon Logos

Cartoon logos attract attention for your business!

One of the specialties I had developed as a freelance cartoonist is creating cartoon logos for clients who wish to infuse some fun and lightheartedness into its public image.

“For the creation of bespoke cartoon logos call Richard on 01246 209034 or email

Cartoon logo for Brite-Water canoeing and water sports


Logo is an important aspect of any business entity or organization anywhere in the world. This is because the logo is part of the corporate identity and is the graphical element by which the company or association will be known for. Most large, multinational corporations have logos that are instantly recognizable anywhere in the world. However, there’s no permanent rule that states that logos must appear formal and serious. Logos can also be quirky, even funny. And that’s when cartoon logos come in.


One advantage of using cartoon logos is the infinite possibilities it presents to the entity it will represent. It is my belief that nothing will come out too weird or too far out when it comes to cartoon logos. Whatever the client can envision, I can find ways to create images that will not only achieve the effects they want but are also eye-catching and unforgettable. After all, who can resist humor mixed with bright colors and well-designed concepts? And I’m proud to say that no customer of mine walked away from our transaction with less than absolute satisfaction.

 cartoon logos - logo of monkey

The process of designing cartoon logos start with the client (you, hopefully) furnishing me with all the necessary information. And I don’t mean half-hearted, vague descriptions of what your company or organization is all about. I want to ask for details, how the company operates and what it hopes to achieve. I do this because once I agree to create cartoon logos, I remain committed to it until completion. I am also deeply conscious of the fact that though I use humor liberally as part of my completed works, the designing of cartoon logos are also serious stuff. The years I spent in this profession has made me aware of the importance and impact of a logo on the business or organization itself. I know and understand that the cartoon logos I create must be able to stand the test of time, for it would do no good for corporations and organizations to change their logos on regular basis.


When sufficient information have been given, I then do some preliminary sketches that the client can evaluate and modify according to their preference and liking. Once approved, I then make the final image and make the delivery through post or email, according to client’s instructions.

 bespoke cartoon logo for Olly's Kitchens - cartoon bear leaning on text that says Olly's Kitchens

Apart from being relatively inexpensive to create, cartoon logos also appeal to the masses. The use of non-threatening and approachable characters will ensure that cartoon logos will generate positive results from its viewers. In this way, cartoon logos are also effective advertising and promotional materials.

 cartoon logo for Super Mums - cartoon showing a superman type mum who's holding a baby

So when you’re thinking of having a customized image to represent your company or organization in an utterly charming and disarming manner, give me a call and we’ll start the ball rolling. And before you know it, you’ll be proud owners of cartoon logos that will depict just what your business or organization really is.

“For the creation of bespoke cartoon logos call Richard on 01246 209034 or email

Fun Cartoon Calendars – cartoon character calendars – bespoke corporate calendars…

“Find a Cartoonist”, find a cartoonist to draw cartoon calendars that will keep your brand in front of your customers all year!

Here’s an calendar cartoon example that was produced for Lucite International to keep health and safety in the minds of their employees all year around. 12 different cartoons one for each month.

cartoon calendars for Lucite International. Worker stood near door entrance, there's an alien outside with a space ship in the car park. He's saying 'I don't care who you are or where you're from you've got to wear safety glasses.

Organise Your Activities – Cartoon Calendars make a great accessory for an office, kitchen or bedroom. Keep yourself organised. Stay organised! Never forget a birthday or if it’s a health and safety calendar – never forget to be on your guard and safety conscious!

“Find a cartoonist”, to create and draw cartoon calendars call Richard on 01246 209034 or email

Check out further cartoon calendars examples.

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“Book Illustrator”, – add attention grabbing humorous illustrations to your next book!

Book Illustrator – Book Illustrations – educational book illustrated, textbook illustrator…

One of the specialized services I offer is drawing book illustrations. I have done many illustration projects in the past for books on various subjects and themes and I can say that I loved every bit of it.

book illustrator - cartoon illustrations for Bravo educational book, find four very funny picturesCartoons drawn many years ago before the computer took over – notice how the watercolours aren’t as clean looking as the cartoons coloured on the computer!? Mind you, I did scan this from a page from the book, so I did probably lose some quality there!

Click to contact book illustrator Richard when working on your next book project…


The use of book illustrations is one way of enhancing the reading process. Publishers of books meant for adult readers also commission cartoon artwork for some book illustrations in order for the material to become more appealing. This is because book illustrations aid in the understanding of the narrative text and allows readers to visualize what they are reading.

A cartoon of a bus driver who has been taken short and needs a pee desperately. He’s running into a spooky graveyard.

It can also lend some kind of uniqueness to the printed material, since not all books contain illustrations. It can also make the reading process fun, especially when book illustrations are in the form of caricatures and cartoons. Some people like having illustrations in their reading materials, if only to provide some visual interest and diversion.

In educational materials, books illustrations are essential. In books containing complicated subjects replete with details, book illustrations become learning tools in themselves. When readers can visualize what the author is writing about, the understanding and learning processes are facilitated. Book illustrations can also function as mnemonic devices which allow readers to remember a certain idea or concept through its association with images.


Most textbooks, especially those meant to be used by children and teenagers, contain numerous book illustrations. In fact, all of us learned our alphabets and numbers through pictures and images accompanying them.


When creating book illustrations, I make sure that I draw images appropriate for its target readers. This has resulted in slight variations of drawings meant for preschoolers and for children slightly older. I see to it that the readers themselves can relate to and derive enjoyment when they use the books I have illustrated for. When I create book illustrations, I try to incorporate humor in them as often as I can. This is because learning becomes so much easy when it becomes a fun thing to do.

Cartoon illustrations for the instruction on how to assemble and use the Boot Room Dog Water Bowl 

I also have had the pleasure of creating book illustrations for instructional materials. In these kinds of projects, I make sure that the created images are not only fun but are also able to convey whatever concept and idea the author wishes to relate. As much as possible, book illustrations should be made in ways that allows viewers to understand it at one glance.


In fact, I have had the pleasure of making book illustrations for foreign language books. Check out some of the book illustrations project I have done and you will know what I’m talking about. Though it was a unique and far more challenging experience than the usual, I have enjoyed the chance to illustrate books for language students. It is during projects like this that I really get to hone my skill in creating book illustrations.


When you peruse the book illustrations I did in the past years, you will notice how most of them are replete with amusing characters and situations. This is because I always emphasize in using humor for learning. However, I can also work with publishers in making book illustrations for serious-themed materials which seeks to reinforce some of its points through images.

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“Cartoonists”, draws cartoon to illustrate a Advertisement Reminder!

Cartoon to illustrate an ADVERTISEMENT-REMINDER!!!
This cartoon was used in an advertisement to remind people that they should continue to save aluminium foil. (After a successful appeal by childrens TV programme Blue Peter.)

cartoonists - draws advertisement reminder cartoon for Alufoil. Cartoon of guy sat on top of a massive pile of recycled foil

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“Cartoonist”, draws cartoons to illustrate a press release!

“Cartoonist”, draws cartoons to illustrate a press release!

Cartoons to illustrate Abbey National’s press release…ABBEY NATIONAL HELPS SOLVE THOSE PIN-HEAD ACHES! Keanu Reeves may have coped with information overload in ‘The Matrix’ but for many people it is often a case of ‘too many numbers’. Research published by Abbey National has found the saturation of Personal Identification Numbers(PINs) is causing endless problems for British consumers.

Cartoonist draws Abbey National ATM cartoon - guy has forgotten his mini bank credit card pass number. Going crazy trying to remember it.

If you have a press release that would attract more attention with a bespoke cartoon call cartoonist Richard on 01246 209034 or email

For security we obviously have to give customers a Personal Identification Number but we are living
in a society in which we are increasingly bombarded with information. To help our customers recall
their PIN Abbey National customers can change their PIN code at any AbbeyLink machine – at
any time.

Abbey National ATM cartoon - three animated computers run towards a finish line of a race

If you have press releases that need some illustrations call cartoonist Richard on 01246 209034 or email

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“Hire a cartoonist” – To draw wedding caricatures!

Adding wedding caricatures in your wedding plans…

You can certainly make your own wedding day remarkable by simply including wedding caricatures in your wedding day plans. These wedding caricatures may be done as part of the wedding invites or even as wedding tokens.

Wedding caricatures - wedding caricature of couple tying the knot in a small boat
Wedding caricatures – wedding caricature of couple tying the knot in a small boat.

They are a great way of ensuring that you differentiate yourself. Other than truly being extremely funny, these are additionally inexpensive. Such things guarantee fun and laughter since they bring out the funny side in each and every man or woman.

The very idea of wedding caricatures is usually to find the most significant feature of an individual or even something that makes them stand out and enhances them, which makes the actual cartoon entertaining.

Wedding caricatures - Wedding caricature - used as a reminder of the wedding date!
Wedding caricature – used as a reminder of the wedding date!

You could make caricatures particularly for all the invitations to the wedding of the people getting wed. Besides being hilarious, it is an innovative method of making wedding caricatures invitations mainly because it is distinct from the standard formal wedding invitations which have beautiful scripts that people today typically prefer to use on their wedding invitations.

You can also personalize the wedding invites by having a cartoonist draw wedding caricatures of the specific person you’re sending the card to. All you need to have is just a current photo of the actual individual and then the cartoonist is going to draw it for you. It will also help to give the actual cartoonist the particular information on the actual individual’s identity, personality, interests etcetera to make virtually every caricature completely unique.

To hire a cartoonist to draw wedding caricatures call Richard on 01246 209034 or email

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Hire a cartoonist to draw – Health and safety cartoons that could save lives!

Health and safety cartoons could save lives!

Health and safety cartoons

For any owner to show dedication in their establishment, they must show that they advocate for health and safety in the work place. They can do this by putting up cartoon safety and also awareness images in different areas for any place of work.

Health and safety cartoons - overloaded socket - loads of plugs going into socket, slight signs of sparks and smoke

This really is to make people mindful of possible risks and also threat all-around them. Among the locations that a person can give out health and safety cartoon images is actually within a conference. It’s best accomplished when orienting new comers, during training, dilemma resolving group meetings as well as over a regular basic safety meeting.

Health and safety cartoons could save limbs!

Safety toons are a simple and effective way of getting the message to the involved individuals without the need for much next. People don’t typically read textual content handed out to them but any toon can summarize the majority of the text but still obtain the safety tip across.

Health and safety cartoon - trip hazard. Guy tripping up badly. Always make sure routes are clear from hazards.

These types of posters can avoid mishaps and notify a person of any possible threat in advance even while they are walking past it. Safety and health toons can be carried out in different publishing supplies just like brochures, hand books, magazines, news letters, notice boards, advertisements and also statistical reviews.

They need to be attractive and also meaningful, this way individuals will take some time to learn the particular defined wording.

If you would like some bespoke health and safety cartoons creating call experienced cartoonist Richard on +44 1246 209034 or email:

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